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June 28, 2001

Dr. James Lugg
Cheyenne Urological PC
2301 House Ave Suite 500
Cheyenne WY 82001

Dear Dr. Lugg,

Dr. Kathi Clement referred me to your office as my PSA was in the area of seven, and she felt it would be better for me to see a person in this specialty. Dr Childs did an Ultrasound guided biopsy on my first visit. Thankfully it came back negative for cancer. A course of biotics was prescribed for an infection, but the PSA continued to rise. The size of my prostate also continued to increase.

Dr. Childs then recommended a procedure to open up my urethra in order to increase the flow of urine. I was given the choice of a TUMT, or a TURP. Dr. Childs explained fully both procedures, the benefits and risks. I chose to do the TUMT procedure and Scheduled it for a date in February of this year. Dr. Childs required surgery of his own and with his busy schedule was unable to do my procedure as planned . I could have waited but chose to see you and have you do the procedure.

I was very favorably impressed by you and am totally happy that I chose to go this route and get the procedure done as soon as possible. Again you explained very thoroughly the benefits and risks of both procedures. My procedure was done close to the date that I had set with Dr. Childs.

The procedure went very well and as described by you. There was some discomfort during the procedure, but not excessive. Now six months down the road, I find that I am able to void much easier and improving each day. I have not lost any ability to have sex with my wife. My quality of life has been improved as I do not have to get up during the night, I am able to drive for two to four hours without having to stop to "potty", and I do not have the constant "urge" to run to the bathroom. I would recommend to any one who has the same type of problem that I did to seriously consider the TUMT and most certainly to be taken care of by your office.

I think you have only the best interest at heart for your patients and project that during the patient Doctor visit. I am very thankful that I was referred to your office to get my problems taken care of.

God Bless you all,

Ralph E. Bartels


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